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NinjicianAV - Matthew C Smith

Author Steve

#1 | Posted: 19 Feb 2022 10:29 
We - Light Illusion, and specifically Steve - have unfortunately been dragged into an unwarranted and slanderous position with YouTuber NinjicianAV - Matthew C Smith.

A grossly misleading, and very one-sided video was posted that within its content directly slandered Steve Shaw, Light Illusion, and ColourSpace.

The video has since been removed by YouTube, but obviously the slander had already been performed, as the video was available for a period of time.

Reviewing his YouTube channel, it has become very apparent this kind of aggressive and misleading behaviour is not unique.

Regardless, we obviously cannot condone such behaviour, especially when directed at ourselves.
We are really sorry, but while we do indeed pride ourselves on our high-level of support, we cannot support users when they make slanderous statements and promote inaccurate lies.
As a consequence, we have had no choice but to cancelled Matthew's ColourSpace license, and refunded his payment.

We do not do this lightly.
But we cannot be associated with users that go out of their way to generate and propagate false and slanderous information.

For completeness, the following was posted directly by Matthew himself within the Unsolicited ColourSpace User Comments thread back on 1st August 2021, and deleted when the above appalling video was released.
It is re-posted here so all can see the reality for themselves.

"Wanted to give my thoughts and feelings as someone who has used Calman since the introduction of ICC controls with my Panasonic VT60 purchase back in 2012.

The basic ideas of calibrating simply greyscale and then a CMS calibration have changed. Working on my plasma with my SpectrCal C3 meter and assuming I had perfect results was quite the pleasure to have a "reference" picture. Little did I know that charts aren't everything, and that plasmas required more work even back then than I would know.

Queue Portrait Displays. I had purchased an LG B8 and was very curious about Calman Home for LG. I had my laptop as a pattern generator, HD Fury for HDR calibration and Dolby Vision, and I got to work. I posted immediately about the piss-poor results I was receiving from calibrating HDR. I tagged Tyler Pruitt and explained that I was getting banding due to the LUT creation through Calman. He then told me that I should expect that from the Alpha7 processor and that the Alpha9 from LG did not have this issue. I purchased an LG C9. SAME ISSUE!!!

So, not only was I deceived into spending more money on a better TV, when I was perfectly happy with the B8, but I felt as if my input was completely invalidated, and over a YEAR has gone by that this stance by Portrait has been taken. "Oh, it's an LG issue, waiting for firmware" "Oh, it's a Dolby engine issue" "Oh, it's a user issue, you need a better meter" I have posted pictures, and even a full video showing a complete HDR calibration and presented it to Tyler, and the last word I had was from over a month ago, "We are investigating this." - Tyler.

You have to understand the HOURS of time wasted with this product. Each picture mode taking about 1.5 hours, only to find glitches that would mean I would have to fully factory reset my TV and LOSE EVERYTHING and start over. Over and over. I cannot calculate the amount of hours I spent on the new Fixed Grid options, or trying the broken AIO mode, not to mention even attempting anything HDR or Dolby Vision.

YOUR PRODUCT HAS BEEN USING THIS WORKFLOW SINCE FOR 4 YEARS. Meaning, it's been broken since it was incepted! And they have the gall to charge consumers YEARLY for software that doesn't work! If the main purpose for the ITPG for LG OLEDs is to have easy access to HDR and Dolby Vision patterns, and those are the least reliable things to calibrate, I might as well use Colourspace Zero and just do SDR!

I purchased Colourspace HTL through Ted who I met on AVS. He has been thorough and helpful throughout the entire process. He pointed me towards his Test Disc, the digital version for PGenerator with an inexpensive Raspberry Pi, and the LG Guides which Leon has helped with so much. I now have the most flexible, reliable, and measurable software for calibrating my LG OLED. I simply create a thorough and complete "profile" for my specific TV, then create a 3D LUT to "calibrate" to any look I want. I can emulate a Sony D65 OLED, I can target Alternative White Points, gamma settings, anything I want! I can then upload to the TV in mere minutes and not have to spend hours upon hours sitting in front of patch sets any more.

I now no longer have to factory reset my TV. I no longer fear firmware updates, or tinker or re-measure. I can now delegate my calibration sessions to "maintenance" on my OLED every 1,000 hours or so, instead of always wondering if something is wrong. The software is always improving, always adding more user features and capabilities and I have a lifetime license! This is invaluable compared to coming from a $145 yearly license. Never knowing if something is broken or not. I now no longer have any use for the Calman software. I have everything I need to calibrate with the Pgen and Colourspace HTL."

Steve Shaw
Mob Boss at Light Illusion

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 NinjicianAV - Matthew C Smith


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