All Light Illusion software is single workstation licensing, unless otherwise specified.

Light Illusion software licenses predominantly lock to the internal hardware and OS configuration of the host system.

Licensing requires the PC to be connected to the internet to enable the license servers to be accessed. Periodic licenses checks are performed, and if a check fails to connect to the license servers ColourSpace will enter a grace period, allowing a connection be re-established and a Reactivation performed at a later time.

If the PC is connected to the internet, but license issues are encountered, it is likely the PC firewall is blocking ColourSpace. Make sure ColourSpace is white-listed.

ColourSpace licenses can be user Deactivated/Activated when required for a PC change, up to a maximum of 5 times. Beyond 5 Deactivations/Activations the below License Deactivate/Reset Request form can be used when needed.

For ColourSpace, normal changes of minor components of the ColourSpace PC (RAM, hard drives, etc.) will not normally require the use of Deactivate/Reactivate, and neither will OS updates, although wholesale changing of the OS will.

License Upgrade

When upgrading a paid license - for example LTE to PRO - all that is required is to Reactivate the same license key from within the License Status window of ColourSpace, after the upgrade has been purchased.

When replacing a ColourSpace ZRO license with a full ColourSpace license, a complete new software installation will be required, and a new paid for license key will be provided.

Do not use the Deactivate option, as that will eat into the provided 5x Deactivation limit!

PC Change

If moving a ColourSpace license to a new PC, changing the installation location, or updating the BIOS, etc., first Deactivate the existing licence installation via the License Status window, and uninstall ColourSpace.

Then install ColourSpace on the new PC, and using the License Status window Activate, using the license key.

ColourSpace can be moved by the user to a different PC via Deactivate/Activate a maximum of 5 times.

Extended Deactivations & Issues

If the full compliment of 5x User Deactivations has been reached, a License Deactivation/Reset can be requested using the License Deactivation/Reset Request form below.

Additionally, if a license Deactivation cannot be performed by the user, due to the PC being lost, or damaged, the License Deactivation/Reset Request Form can again be used.

Other Software

For all other Light Illusion software, when a licensing issue is flagged by the software, a License reset can be requested using the License Deactivation/Reset Request form below.

With older Light Illusion software a license reset will be needed when PC hardware is changed, or a large OS update is performed, not just when changing PC.

License Deactivation/Reset Request

+44 (0)7765 400 908

We aim to respond ASAP

Forgotten Licenses

All licenses are provided at the time of purchase, with the purchase invoice.
It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain a record of the license for future reference.

Should a license be lost, Light Illusion charge a 10% of the book-price fee to re-supply any lost license.

On-Selling Licenses

Any purchased Light Illusion license can be on-sold to a new user by the current owner.
There is a 10% of book-price fee for any re-sold license, to enable the license to be used by the new owner.

Contact Light Illusion to verify actual on-selling pricing beforehand.