SpaceMatch enables the colour management of any PC connected displays using graphic card VCGTs, avoiding the problematic issues associated with ICC Profiles when used within the film and TV media arena.

  • Manage VCGT
  • LUT Graph
  • Save/Load VGCT
  • Free Updates
  • Yearly Maintenance Fee
  • Windows OS
  • Mac (via Windows Emulation)




A prime application for SpaceMatch is to match the gamma and colour temperature of all VFX PC displays throughout a facility, without using ICC profiles, so allowing all graphics programs to operate without any unwanted colour issues.

An additional application is matching the gamma and colour temperature of on-set or production laptops, allowing footage to be reviewed as close as possible to the desired final look.

SpaceMatch can read existing active ICC profiles and convert them into suitable 1D LUTs, or can load 1D LUTs generated via ColourSpace.


Accurate colour management is a critical part of any post-production workflow, and the use of non-industry specific creative systems within film and TV workflows can be a serious problem for post-production facilities if ICC profiles are employed. The ability to colour match the gamma and colour of temperature displays using 1D LUTs generated with ColourSpace means work can be accurately viewed on any PC based systems, without running in the issues associated with ICC profiles.

Note: for accurate display calibration 3D LUTs are required, which requires the use of displays with 3D LUT capability built-in, a LUT box placed in the image signal path, or the use of graphics programs with 3D LUT capability.

As with any Graphics Card based calibration, the calibration via SpaceMatch DCM is based on 1D LUTs, not 3D, so the calibration is gamma and colour temperature (grey scale) only, as Graphics Cards cannot control display gamut.

This is true for ANY Graphics Card or Windows OS wide (ICC) calibration.
(Mac can perform OS wide Gamma and Gamut ICC based calibration, but suffers a number of other colour related issues that makes it impossible to rely on such colour calibration.)

One of the main uses for SpaceMatch DCM is to ensure there is no internal ICC/Graphic Card calibration active, enabling clean HDMI output for external display profiling and calibration via the ColourSpace PC's inbuilt HDMI output.

See: HDMI User Guide.

Windows VCGT Issues

The default Windows API/Reset process for the graphics card VCGT doesn't load a true Null LUT, as shown here. The peak value is lower than it should be, resulting in an inaccurate output throughout the entire LUT range.

VCGT Graph

By generating a true Null LUT within ColourSpace and using SpaceMatch DCM to load the LUT into the graphics card a true Null output can be attained.

Additional Info.

SpaceMatch User Manual