The global expansion of streaming services means many TV purchasers now demand a true cinematic level of colour accuracy for home viewing.

Home display retail stores can provide a point-of-sale calibration service, providing customers with a more accurate images than provided out-of-the-box, enabling a true cinematic viewing experience without the end user having to learn display calibration.

Retail Stores partner with Light Illusion

Using ColourSpace, with a suitable probe and test patch generator, calibration can be performed in-store, or at the customers home after installation, providing a level of colour accuracy to match any cinematic experience, with Light Illusion providing all required knowledge, training, and support.

Reatil Display Calibration Service

Cost Effective Additional Service

A simple, and low-cost, ColourSpace package, including measurement probe and test patch generator, enables TV, projector, and monitor calibration to be performed in-store, or at the customers home after installation.

And unlike alternative calibration systems, Light Illusion's ColourSpace software is a single purchase expense, with no annual maintenance or support fees, and includes free Software Updates for the purchased license options for the life of the product, maximising the calibration service any retail store can provide to its end customers.

For any retailer, being able to offer a service guaranteed to maximise the customer's viewing experience is of real benefit, and provides a level of supplier differentiation that can be difficult to compete with.

MediaMarkt, Sweden, and MediaWorld, Italy, are two retail groups that already offer a ColourSpace based customer calibration service.