Lumagen Radiance Video Processors

ColourSpace can be integrated with Lumagen's range of Radiance Video Processors for accurate Closed Loop display profiling and calibration.

  • Closed Loop Profiling
  • Inbuilt TPG Operation
  • 3D LUTs

ColourSpace Integration

Lumagen integration is controlled via the Hardware Options menu, accessed via the Profiling window.


Initial Setup

Instructions for performing ColourSpace display calibration with Lumagen Radiance LUT Boxes will vary depending on the specific Radiance LUT box being used, but the following information should cover most configurations.

Make sure the Lumagen box in use has the latest firmware installed.

If there are issues communicating with the Lumagen perform a Factory Reset, as it is likely the box has been set to an non-standard configuration, such as Termination sequence character, or Echo response. Also make sure that reporting is set to OFF within the serial RS232 connection menu.

  • If required, make sure the correct drivers are installed
    (If necessary, verify via Windows Device Manager)
  • Connect input/output signal cables to the Lumagen, connecting the signal out to the display to be profiled and calibrated
    (Make sure a valid input signal is being input into the Lumagen)
  • Connect Lumagen to the ColourSpace laptop via a USB, or USB to Serial cable, and start ColourSpace
  • Set the desired set-up options via the Settings menu, as required
  • Open a ColourSpace Profiling window, select Hardware Options, and select Lumagen Radiance from the Hardware drop-down list
  • Select the correct COM port via Serial Port, and select Connect

Before starting calibration work ensure the Lumagen box is transparent when no calibration LUTs are loaded.

  • Using the Lumagen remote control re-set to factory default
    (Either use the 'Factory Reset option, or via the remote use Menu/0999, save the new settings and re-boot the Lumagen)
  • To make sure there is no existing LUT active within the Lumagen select Unity Bypass from the Select LUT option, and press Upload
    (The CMS slot into which the Unity Bypass data is loaded is defined by the Options menu)
  • Using the Calibration Patches option set the calibration patch size for profiling
    (If Automatic is selected for patch sizes, configuration is via the ColourSpace Settings menu)

As soon as a Calibration Patches selection is made the output of the Lumagen will display the patch colour as defined within the ColourSpace Measure and Characterisation menus.

Potentially, when Unity Bypass data is Uploaded, all settings will be nullified if the Disable input reset on NULL upload setting is not selected, not just the relevant LUTs. Should it be desired that settings other than the LUTs remain as set, upload a real Bypass 3D LUT (generated via LUT Tools/LUT Management/New), as that will only null the relevant LUTs, as selected. Alternatively, reset any necessary settings after the Unity Bypass data Upload.

The Lumagen is now set to unity, but may not yet be correctly configured for the display in use, and the correct configuration will vary dependant on the Lumagen being used. It is imperative the user correctly configures the Lumagen, or the results will not be as expected.

To check for the correct set-up the following tests can be used.

  • Using a controlled video source display a zero black image
  • Change the In/Out HDMI options in turn and check for accurate black levels
    (A probe can be used to check black levels)
  • Generate a New Unity Bypass LUT, and use the LUT Tools to set Gamma to 2.0
    (If the ColourSpace license you have doesn't have the LUT Tools option, use the LUT Image to make a similar gamma change via an external graphics program)
  • Using a controlled video source display the Light Illusion BrightnessCal image
  • Again, change the In/Out HDMI options in turn and test by uploading the Gamma Change LUT created above

When the correct Radiance configuration is set the Gamma LUT will operate correctly, altering the image Gamma, with NO change to zero black.

Profiling Operation

To use the Lumagen as a Patch Generator with ColourSpace navigate to the desired profiling mode - Manual Measure, or Display Characterisation.

Output of the Lumagen will mimic the colour displayed, using the patch settings defined via the Hardware Options and Settings menus.
Note: The keyboard 'O' key can be used within the Hardware and Manual Measure menus to quickly Disable/Enable the TPG.

Profiling can then be performed as normal, using the probe connected to ColourSpace, and with the Lumagen displaying the required patches on the display being profiled.

LUT Upload

After profiling, a Calibration LUT can be generated as normal within ColourSpace LUT Tools.

With the LUT still held within ColourSpace navigate back to the Hardware Options menu, and select the desired LUT from within the Select LUT options, and Upload.

The size of the 3D LUT that is uploaded depends on the Lumagen LUT box being used, and ColourSpace interrogates the Lumagen and uploads the correct format.

With specific Lumagen boxes there are two LUT slots available, with the 3D + 1D combination being the normal configuration to use for display calibration.

  • 3D + 1D
  • 3D only
  • 1D only

The 1D LUT can be generated independently from the 3D LUT, with both being uploaded separately, providing additional control over gamut and grey scale.
(Note: the 1D can be uploaded before the 3D, and the display re-profiled with the 1D LUT active, and a 3D LUT generated and uploaded. The opposite workflow is invalid, due the 1D LUT being after the 3D.)

Additional Options

The Options menu provides additional options, with some specific to the capabilities of the Radiance Pro.

This Options menu both reads the present configuration of the Radiance, as well as allowing specific settings to be user configured.

The Options menu is predominantly aimed at the evolving UHD/HDR/WCG capable displays, but also includes global options, such as disabling input settings reset when Unity Bypass is uploaded, as well as enabling MODE to be used with the TPG, and selection of the CMS slot.

Calibration Guides

ColourSpace Integrated 3D LUT Calibration Manual Calibration