The advanced level of accuracy provided by Light Illusion colour tools has lead many of the world's leading display manufacturers to partner with Light Illusion for display calibration.

Display manufacturing partners include Canon, Konvision, Postium, Flanders Scientific, EIZO, Dolby, ASUS, SmallHD, NEC, BenQ, TCL, and many more.

Light Illusion partners with the best display manufacturers

Manufacturing partnerships enable ColourSpace to be used for full closed-loop display calibration and colour management, ensuring accurate colour matching for the whole image path for both professional and home users, making such ColourSpace integrated displays more appealing to discerning, colour critical end users.

Manufacturing Display Calibration

Enhancing Value

Integrating Light Illusion's ColourSpace with any given display, be it a TV, projector, or monitor, adds end user value by providing colour accuracy guarantees that go far beyond the normal out-of-the-box experience.

For display manufacturers this means better brand recognition within the market place, as discerning customers will already be aware of the advanced colour accuracy, and unique colour management capabilities, of ColourSpace. With ColourSpace integration, display sales always increase.

As ColourSpace is the most widely used display calibration system within the Film & TV industry, home TV users gain a guarantee that the film they are watching is just as the Director, DoP, and Colourist intended, as all ColourSpace integration is exactly the same as used in professional post-production facilities, where the master film and TV programs are created.

ColourSpace integration provides end users a level of colour accuracy guarantee unmatched by any alternative approach, enhancing any display manufacturer's offerings.