DeviceControl is a browser based control program that enables different test images and more to be displayed via the Raspberry Pi PGenerator, as well as managing TV settings and calibration for select TVs, including LG, Sony, and Panasonic, as well as Lumagen LUT boxes.

  • ColourSpace compatible
  • Multiple TV models
  • Free Software
  • PGenerator compatible
  • LG TV LUT management
  • Compatible with Ted's LightSpace Disc Patterns


(Free to existing ColourSpace users)


DeviceControl is a very powerful program, with many capabilities beyond managing PGenerator, such as basic direct display control (DDC) of many TVs such as from Panasonic, LG, and Sony, as well as management of Lumagen LUT Boxes, as well as the ability to display multiple test patterns, such as Ted's LightSpace Disc Patterns. It is well worth spending time to understand, as it is a very, very powerful system for display calibration and management.

DeviceControl uses different Templates to provide different capabilities and options, with the various Templates accessible via DeviceControl itself.

A key DeviceControl Template enables direct 1D and 3D LUT management, via ColourSpace, of LG WOLEDs, including 2022 C2/G2/Z2/B2/A2 (and potentially A1/B1), 2021 C1/G1/M1/R1/Z1, 2020 BX/CX/GX/WX/ZX, 2019 B9/C9/E9/W9/Z9/R9, and 2018 B8/C8/E8/G8/W8, and 2017 B7/C7/E7/G7/W7 models with Technicolor Studio Firmware.

Ongoing developments keep adding greater and greater capabilities, making DeviceControl a key component for any display calibration and management operation.

All ColourSpace users can attain Advanced User Guides for calibration of LG TVs via


DeviceControl needs top be installed and setup before it can be used with any of the available Device Templates, including for PGenerator, and LG TV calibration.

  • Install the correct DeviceControl version for you PC - 32 bit, or 64 bit
    (After installation, Perl will be installed, if not already present)
  • DeviceControl will then run, showing a CMD window
    (Ignore any error message on the first run!)
  • Open a Web Browser, and browse to http://localhost:81

DeviceControl is now ready for use.

Initially, the DeviceControl page will be predominantly blank, until the first New Device is created.
(If you have an existing web based account, but are on a new PC, a New Device will need to be made before the web account can be accessed. When starting DeviceControl after having previous setup an account, )

  • Select New, and then New Device
  • From the pop-up window select the desired Device Type
  • Generic HTTP - Devices that implement http protocols; Denon Amplifier
  • Generic Infrared - Devices that have infrared receivers (requires an ir sender adapter)
  • Generic NoIp - Select this device type to create templates without having a true device connected
  • Generic OpenWebNet - Devices with OpenWebNet protocol; Bticino MyHomeServer
  • Generic TcpIp - Devices that requires a tcp connection;. Sony WOLED AF9
  • Generic WebSocket - Devices that reqire a WebSocket connection; LG WOLED
  • Lumagen Radiance20xx - Lumagen Radience image processors
  • Panasonic xxxx - Panasonic TVs
  • RB8 PGenerator - PGenerator TPG

The only Device Type of real interest for use with ColourSpace is Generic WebSocket, as that is the communication type use for LG TVs, and the calibration of LG TVs is the main benefit for ColourSpace users.
(PGenerator may also be of use, if using PGenerator with additional test patterns, not just for direct integration with ColourSpace, such as from

  • With Generic WebSocket selected, enter the LG TV IP address
    (If the IP address is unknown at this time, it can be modified later via the Modify option)
  • Enter a Device Name that is suitable for the Device Type, such as LG TV
  • Use the Pen icon to save the new Device Type

After defining a new Device Type, DeviceControl will be less Blank, but will still show little information.
The main Top Bar will now show the Device Type Name used when setting up the first Device Type, as well as a Connect button. Below that will be options for Modify, Cloud, Sort, as well as the original New and ? options.

There will also be two predominantly blank panels, Local and Cloud, where different Templates can be accessed and saved as required.

For new users, the Cloud user window is of initial interest, and the Cloud option in the top menu can be used to set-up a Cloud User.

  • Select Cloud, and then click the Cloud User option
  • Either enter your existing Cloud User credentials, or enter a new Username and Password to setup a new Cloud User account
  • If setting up a new Cloud User account, reselect the Cloud option, and click Cloud Refresh
    (The Cloud User panel will update with freely available Templates for the Device Type, if available)

Access to the required LG Templates, as well as the required unlock password, will need to be requested via the form on Scroll down until the form is visible.

Only use the LG Template Request Form after a Cloud User account has been setup.
Access will also only be provided to users with valid ColourSpace licenses

  • Any Template visible in the Cloud user panel can be drag-and-dropped into the Local user panel
  • Click on the required Template from within the Local or Cloud user panel to open it
    (Locked Templates must be moved into the Local user panel to enable unlocking and opening)
  • For the locked LG Templates use the provided password to unlock them

From this point, follow the instructions provided via the LG Templates page, as well as the in-depth ColourSpace CMS Calibration Guides, provided with the LG Template access passwords.

To re-run DeviceControl at any later time after installation, select DeviceControl form the Programs menu to run the CMD window, and then open a Web Browser, and browse to http://localhost:81.


A new version of DeviceControl can be checked for using the ? option within the main DeviceControl menu.

The Cloud option can then be used to update the various templates a user has access to.

DeviceControl Operation

Dedicated advanced user guides for all aspects of ColourSpace use with DeviceControl, including guides for LG TV calibration for SDR via 3D LUTs, Dolby Vision, and HDR calibration, can be provided by Ted at

Advanced DeviceControl guides are only available to ColourSpace users.